How Your Website Design Can Effectively Communicate

One of the most important and foundational elements of a website is communication. Unfortunately many times the message a website is trying to communicate is often trumped for a fancy and glitzy website. No matter what your website is about, whether it is an entertainment website, education website, payday loans website or a design website, there is an essential need to communicate effectively with your website’s visitors.

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There are millions of websites and not all websites communicate the same way, but most websites use a few common methods in their communication. With this article, we will look at these common methods and in the second article we will delve more deeply in the subject.

An obvious course that websites often use to communicate is text. Websites can use text in the main body of content or it can be used in the websites title tags for optimization in search engines. Text is the main element people use in understanding a website.  Text can be utilized differently dependent on the website, whether the site is a payday loans site or if it is an entertainment blog.

A great way to not only make your website look great but also to communicate effectively is images. Many times images can communicate your website’s message better than text ever could. When using images though, you will want to make sure they compose well with the rest of the elements on your site.

Part of our human nature is that when we read something we want to know what it is quickly. Given this, titles and headers are extremely important. The header or title of your content should let the viewer know the major points of the content.

Icons are also a very important way to communicate with your readership. Icons are unique because they communicate without text. For example, if a viewer wants to return to the homepage of your website, they might just hit an icon of a house and instantly they are taken aback.

The colors that websites utilize also communicate to the visitors. In many cases, colors are just used to make the site look better, but colors also have a psychology to them which might affect the viewer’s behavior.

Becoming more and more popular with websites is audio and video. With the creation of YouTube, it is now easier and faster to use audio and video to communicate a message to your audience.

These are the basic methods websites use to communicate a message. The second part of this article will look more specifically at these methods.


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