Free Online Web Applications

As a web designer, I don’t need to tell you how awesome the internet is. You can truly find about anything you need on the net. It’s the wild west of the 21st century. As web designers, you also know how important web applications are. What’s better than just web applications for your projects, how about free web applications. Today, I have compiled a list of free design applications that you can use for your web design endeavors. It is important to note though, that these applications are not just for the hardcore designers, they are for everyone from managers, teachers, nurses, students or office workers. Though these applications are not very well known they are great for anyone interested in improving their work efficiency. Check them out!

One online application that is sure to help you in your web design endeavors is FreshBooks.  FreshBooks is an online invoicing and time tracking utility that saves your business time and money.  This application will also make you appear more professional in the eyes of your clientele.

A great way to get an understanding about how your readership feels about your website is through surveys. Premiere Survey is a free survey application that allows online surveys, web surveys, and email surveys. It also offers customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys and market research surveys. So if you want to better fine tune your website for your market, surveys are they way to go.

The Doodlekit website builder is powered by a database backend. This means you get extra functionality that you won’t get with most other website maker tools. We help you make your website a success with: blogs, forums, shopping carts, custom forms and much more. Our free website builder is ever-expanding, which means the longer you own your site, the more new features and functions you’ll discover.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced web user, Doodlekit’s website builder can help you create the perfect website for your business or personal needs.



Another great application for you internet business is Zapproved. Zapproved is a web tool that makes group decision-making more efficient and accountable. This unique solution introduces peer-to-peer and organization techniques to improve the process of building consensus.

A great application for your web design purposes is FileDropper. The great thing about FileDropper is its simple interface. FileDropper provides one click file hosting. To do this, you just click the upload button and select you file and the file is taken to the page where it is hosted. You can upload to a remarkable 5 GB.

W3Counter offers you website analytics, real time web stats and web counter. The best thing about W3Counter is that it’s free and that it answers the questions: who’s using your website, how did they reach you website, and what do the find attractive about it.

These free web applications should help every web designer out there who wants to work more efficiently and improve upon their website. In addition, these applications are also beneficial for anyone wanting to improve upon their quality of work. Check them out and delve deeper into these exciting programs.


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