Communication Challenges in Web Design

In the first part of this article, we talked about the importance of your websites ability to communicate with its audience. We looked at all of the main methods; text, titles and headlines, icons, colors, video and audio. With this half we are going to discuss some of the challenges you may come across while making your website’s communication factors, better.

While designing your free website you will have to decide how much content you want. The quantity of content on a page can cause problems, so it is important to decide how much is good for your readership. Sometimes having too much content can make your website appear clutter and can turn away your viewers. Having a slimmer amount of content, many times can keep the attention of your readers, thus them spending more time on your website.


Your websites demographic can also pose a challenge when trying to communicate with your audience. Because everyone is different and it’s hard to lump just one group of people together, you will have to consider many things when trying to communicate with the user. How old are they, what is their knowledge level of the subject, what is their sex, etc. When you figure this out, you will be able to better effectively mold your website.

Clarity of content is also very important. Focus on being concise and clear because if not you could easily lose a new reader. When a viewer begins reading your articles within in a few sentences, they should know what the article is about. If the viewer knows what they are reading they will become less frustrated and are likely to look through the rest of your website.

With your website, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. This is how your readership gets to know who you are. And if your site is a portfolio of your work, the potential client might feel a connection with you and you just might land a job.

Another challenge while trying to communicate with your audience is the sites actual design. Do not let your websites design overpower the content. The content should be your websites main priority. The design should be used strategically and should make the viewers experience on your website pleasant.

So, always keep these communication factors and method in mind when working on your site and you should have an effective and outstanding, communicating website!


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